Welcome to UUCV!

UUCV is beyond pleased to announce the calling of Rev. Kathryn Bert as our next minister. See details in New Minister.

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The Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver (UUCV) is an energetic, growing congregation of over 260 members. We welcome all people to our liberal community, where we draw spiritual meaning from a variety of religious traditions, as well as social justice, humanitarian, and environmental causes. As such, UUs have a diversity of beliefs, and may consider themselves humanists, atheists, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, pagan, mystics, spiritual, or nothing at all, but we are committed to common values. Our Principles and Sources articulate these values, which are nicely summed up in our Children's Affirmation: "Love your neighbor as yourself; search for truth with an open mind; make the world a better place. "

One Service on Sunday morning at 10:30 am. Please join us!
Sunday, June 25, 2017
"To Tell the Holy: Storytelling as Spiritual Practice"
Will Hornyak and Bonnie Long
Featured Musicians: Jennifer Pratt Walter



We are Unitarian Universalists, people of many backgrounds who have different beliefs, but shared values. Get to know us in this short animated video.