News & Events

CalendarMembers, friends, and visitors typically participate in over 400 scheduled events a year at UUCV, judging by our Events Calendar. (A recurring event like an on-going class is counted as one event.) These do not include Sunday services, Religious Education classes, or rentals by outside groups. They do include social gatherings, workshops, adult classes, affinity groups, social action events, most committee meetings, UUCV campus clean-ups, and children's activities outside of the RE Building, to mention a few.

Reserving facilities for events or getting a mention on our calendar is done through UUCV's Facility and Calendar Reservation Requests app on our website. Once entered into the app, requests are hand-scheduled by the UUCV secretary on a first-come first-served basis.

ServetanIn addition to advertising events in our calendar, Upcoming Events highlights UUCV activities of general interest that cover the next few months, including ones under development. More event news is located in our publications: the Weekly Bulletin and the monthly Servetan Newsletter.

You will also find in this section information about how to: