Here you will see photos of past events for the last 12 months, showing the most recent first.

Party of Painters

Starting in late summer 2016, at least 15 volunteers (often more) labored to spiff up our venerable RE building. Here are a few photos taken on October 1 of a few laboring on the downhill part of this task -- IMG 0200getting the paint on. What you don't see is the old siding coming off, the new siding going on, a window being walled in, pickup-loads of debris being hauled away, and all the interior work that happened in parallel with the painting. The crew chief says that the RE building took 25 gallons of paint. We are blessed with the hard work and skills of so many. Clicking on the picture will take you to more photos of this event.IMG 0204

Conversations with Rev. Greg

September 18, 2016, was a busy day at our church, including a conversation led by our Rev. Greg Ward.

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IMG 52610

IMG 5222

Homecoming 2016

2016-HomecomingClick on the photo to see more.

Rev. Lee Takes His Leave

RevLeeTHRev. Leland Bond-Upson and congregants gathered on July 13, 2016, to celebrate his year in service with UUCV. Click on any of the pictures below to see more photos from this gathering.