Current Activities

On the Blackboard:

Unitarian Universalists who wish to march together at the People's Climate March in Portland, please meet-up by 1:30pm at Lillis Albina Park at the intersection of N. Russell and N. Flint on Saturday, April 29. Oregon Unitarian Universalists for Justice will be standing in the Park at the corner of Russell and Flint. We will have our big green banner. 

Bring your own signs, banners and supplies.

The route will leave from Dawson Park (at Stanton St and Williams Blvd), South on N. Vancouver, South on Wheeler, East on Multnomah, South on MLK, East on David and then end at Buckman Park.

The march takes place on April 29th in Portland, Oregon and around the world. The biggest location is in Washington DC.

The People's Climate Movement March is a continuation of the biggest Climate March ever, the one that was held in New York in 2014. In that march there was a concerted effort to bring people together from diverse parts of our society and economy. I was at the New York march, and it was diverse and beautiful. It truly felt like the People's March.

OPAL, a local environmental justice organization, is coordinating the march. Its mission is to build power for environmental justice and civil rights. Here is the agenda:


12:00-12:30 Gather at Dawson Park

12:30-1:30 Spoken Program

1:30-4:00 March! (Route TBD)

4:00-5:00 Tabling and Cleanup


Get Involved!

UUCV has chosen to undertake many continuous social action projects that demonstrate our strong commitment to making the world a better place. Both friends and members of our church are welcome to join any of our social action projects. Many people participate in more than one project (e.g., addressing homelessness during the cold winter months, and working on environmental issues.)From this list, you will undoubtedly find a group already working on issues that are important to you. From time to time, UUCV members also take on ad hoc projects, such as working to pass legislation on Marriage Equality in the state of Washington. Many of the projects below have links to additional information, and the contacts for each one are also listed here. Please contact one of the project leaders and get involved!

If you'd like to lead a new social action activity or team project, please submit a Project Proposal to the Social Action Steering Committee.

There's a Project Leader's Guide to assist you in putting it all together.