Racial Justice

UUCV's Racial Justice Team, formed in early 2016, hosts educational opportunities for "allies" and potential allies to learn more about racism and how we can help move our society toward the elimination of racism and conscious/unconscious racial bias. Monthly meetings cover topics such as systemic racism, white privilege, micro-aggressions and more effective anti-racism.

All are welcome to attend the monthly Racial Justice Workshops, which are scheduled for the 4th Sunday of each month from 2:30 – 4:30. (Check the UUCV Events Calendar for more details.)

In addition, we are incorporating racial justice activities into church life with an occasional movie and making recommendations about related movies, articles or performances.

We will encourage social interaction among racial groups in our greater community by identifying and publicizing events led by people of color that members and friends might attend. We'll publicize minority-owned businesses for our community to support. When we hear of marches or other gatherings that will bring together minorities and whites supporting inclusiveness and positive change, we'll advertise them.

If you use Facebook, join the group called "UUCVan Social Action Network" for easy access to news about related events.


We know that allies fighting racism do their best work when they collaborate with and listen to people of color. If you have a heart for racial justice, we invite you to join us in planning and implementing our work. Especially if you are a person of color, your advice and experience will be invaluable. Bring your ideas and your energy!

Contact Betty or Rory to get involved or for more information.