Our Mission

ChalicePulpitWe come together to deepen our spiritual experience and philosophical understanding, grow a vital, nurturing community, and act on our values in the wider world.


To equip ourselves to live out this mission in a vibrant way, we use two documents to guide our interactions with one another: "When We Are Together" and "When We Disagree."

 We summarize how we want to live in community in this way:

When We Are Together

Guidelines for positive and thoughtful engagement at UUCV

As we work together in community, in groups small and large, we affirm the following:

• We are respectful.

◌ We speak always with respect. Always.

◌ We respect, yet do not idolize, past efforts and established traditions.

◌ We honor our agreement to start and end on time.

• We are attentive.

◌ We listen attentively and allow others to finish expressing themselves.

◌ We allow one person at a time to speak, so all can listen.

◌ We do not engage in sidebar conversations.

• We are engaged.

◌ We actively encourage the participation of all committee/group members, seeking ways to draw out the best in each person – while also honoring everyone's right not to speak at any given time.

◌ We ask clarifying questions in a straight-forward and respectful manner as a way to deepen our understanding.

◌ We honor the integrity of our togetherness, and, when necessary, we ask for a "time out" to raise a concern about the quality of our interaction.

• And we are human, accepting one another's imperfections and enjoying one another's company.

Our togetherness is a responsibility, and a privilege, we all share.