Upcoming Sermons

Our church service is at 10:30 a.m. throughout the Summer months.

2017-06-25 storytelling

June 25 • To Tell the Holy: Storytelling as Spiritual Practice •
Will Hornyak & Bonnie Long

Every tribe, culture and people has its sacred stories. But there is also a sacred manuscript of personal spiritual experiences within ourselves that reveals moments of connection, inspiration, understanding and knowing that seem to stand apart from other events in our lives.

July 2 • Surviving Domestic Abuse • Jeannie Starke & De Stewart

Domestic abuse is deeply traumatic. How do we keep ourselves safe and open our hearts to love and trust again? The first part of the service, while the children are present, will be about healthy relationships.

July 9 • The Spiritual Practice of Risk Perception •
Seth Moran & Norm Enfield

July 16 • Live Forever, Die Tomorrow • Rev. Craig Morro

Upon the death of a beloved son, the Prophet Muhammad gave his followers some advice on how to live. I'll share that advice with you this morning -- along with the wisdom that two of my Italian relatives would share on the telephone.

July 23 • TBD • Sue Oshiro-Zeier & Betty Montgomery

July 30 • Four Legged Friends • Bonnie Long, De Stewart & Gretchen Meyer

August 6 • Values-Based Decision Making • Karen Valbuena

August 13 • The Power of Story • Bonnie Long

August 20 • Seeking Beauty: What is it? Why seek it? • Joy Overstreet

August 27 • The Spirituality of Compassionate Communication • Kathy Marchant

September 3 • The Saving Grace of Poetry • Rev. Sue Ayer

A poem may be as brief as haiku, as silly as nursery rhymes, as majestic as Homer's Odyssey, as comforting as the 23rd Psalm. There is magic and power that flows from the simple act of stringing words together in particular ways, affecting our minds and emotions. For the healing of our hearts and the saving of our world, we might well invoke the power of poetry to comfort and inspire.