The Facilities and Grounds Committee supports our church activities consistent with the church's values and beliefs. F&G accomplishes this through aligning our 3.84 acre campus with the needs of the church by supporting functional places to play, spaces to socialize, areas to park vehicles, and byways for people to navigate between points of interest. These points of interest include locations to memorialize events, ideas, and people, and structures where we celebrate the human spirit.PDRM0164

Above all, the church facilities and grounds must reflect its members' feelings about the specialness, the sacredness, and the inherent beauty of our place of coming together.

The Facilities and Grounds Committee draws on its memberships' skills and talents to sustain this mission; with the exception of the sexton who provides janitorial services, all work is done by church volunteers who dedicate their time, labor, skills, and aesthetic sensibilities. These volunteers build, mow, weed, fertilize, remodel, clean, cook, repair, paint, and more.

This committee consists of four teams, each with their own missions:

  • The Facilities Team maintains our buildings, which includes the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing for two major structures and several outbuildings. In addition, this team takes responsibility for keeping the church in compliance with local, state, and federal building and fire codes. This team also addresses all safety issues of our property. Further, the team includes two Kitchen Coordinators that maintain and work with ever-present food requirements for the kitchen in the main building and in RE.

  • The Grounds Team takes care of the never-ending grounds maintenance by mowing our property and keeping it groomed and beautiful. This also includes taking care of flower beds, pruning, and seasonal upkeep.

  • The Aesthetics Team has two main responsibilities: "Art on the Walls" provides a venue (the sanctuary) for local artists to display their work. The team coordinates the installation, removal, and sales of works of art on a bi-monthly basis. The second responsibility is to maintain a consistency with the church's "look and feel", making sure that color selections harmonize with existing choices, attention is paid to positioning of wall adornments, and that issues of taste are dealt with on any of the visual displays.

  • The Media Team looks after our extensive use of electronics at the church. They make sure the sound and visual systems function optimally and are in good repair. They also see to the training of volunteers on this equipment which is lodged in both the Sanctuary and the Religious education building. They are also on hand during special functions, like weddings, funerals, and family reunions.

Interested in one or more of these areas? Send the chairman of the Facilities and Grounds an email to find out more about these vital programs and where you might plug in!