DSCN2580The Meaning of Membership

The path to membership is a journey toward a deeper commitment to liberal religious values and to this congregation.
Choosing to become a Member of UUCV means you are ready to join us in

  • searching for deeper meaning and understanding
  • living in loving and covenantal relationship with one another
  • growing a vital, nurturing community, and in acting on our values in the wider world.

As Members, we recognize that UUCV is our chosen church home – and thus we endeavor to cultivate a generous and appreciative heart through active engagement in our congregation, attending to the quality of our personal relationships, and contributing generously within our means to the church's operating budget and our social programs. Look for the flyer "Engagement at UUCV" for specific ways to begin connecting.




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Our Engagement/Membership Team regularly offers path to membership events. On the first Sunday of each month, after each service, a relaxed gathering titled "Is UU for U?" meets in the Servetan Library.  Conversation is facilitated, but guided by the interests and questions of attendees. Our Path to Membership class is offered quarterly and delves more deeply into understanding of church membership, UUCV's background and Unitarian Universalism. Please contact our Membership Coordinator for more information on social or informal gatherings for newcomers. The most current information regarding Membership activities will be found in our Weekly Bulletin.

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