Social Action Overview

peace and justice 0d5b7The mission of UUCV includes acting on our values in the wider world.   Grounded in our UU Principles and Sources, we - as individuals and as a church - donate our time and resources to make the world a better place through our own programs and our support of other organizations.

Our church has several officially-sanctioned social action projects underway at any given time.  Members choose their level of involvement based on their interests and time available.  Sometimes there are project-related fundraising efforts, such as an annual school supply drive for low-income families, but other projects rely primarily on the time provided by volunteers.  One example of UUCV volunteers donating time is the Lunch Buddy program, in which volunteers go to a nearby school one day each week and have lunch with a child with whom they are paired.  The other projects currently underway are listed in the section on current activities.  The UUCV Board of Trustees has charged the Social Action Steering Committee with overseeing social action efforts at our church.

As individuals, as a community, and as a denomination, Unitarian Universalists:


  • Work for justice in such matters as gender and LGBTQ equity, immigration reform, fair wages, reproductive choice, and voting rights;

  • Engage fully in the democratic process in the larger community;

  • Seek peaceful solutions to global problems;

  • Do what we can to protect our fragile planet and the life upon it.

Looking for a place to make a difference? Got a question? Send us an email, and we will get in touch with you.