Resting amongst our daffodils

UUCV has "adopted" a stretch of Highway 14 between Fishers Landing (164th) and 192nd. You'll know it by the road sign and the springtime bloom of hundreds of daffodils we've planted. 

WA State asks for quarterly; we go above and beyond to make an environmental as well as aesthetic impact! About once a month, a hardy group, nicknamed the "Litter Pickers", cleans this area of trash, recycling whatever can be salvaged. After a couple hours work, we head to a nearby restaurant for lunch and socializing.

DSC00424Sometimes we find treasures in the process: credit cards and driver's licenses that are tracked back to their owners when possible, license plates returned to the Department of Transportation, even a $100 bill that was turned in to the Vancouver Children's Center, one of our Change for the World recipients. Some of the daffodil bulbs we have planted were donated, and some were purchased with money that had been found along the highway. Recyclables from the trash collected are sorted out and the metal taken to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store as part of the UUCV Beyond Curbside Recycling Program.

LitterpickerResults 2b78cThe photo at left shows the measure of one day's work: trash in white bags, recyclables in clear bags, and a separate bag of toxic cigarette ends which a pose a threat to wildlife.

Participation in our activities requires a brief training using a teaching video. For info on how to join this fun group, contact Ross.