Fighting AIDS as a Red Ribbon Congregation

We were one of the first Unitarian Universalist congregations to achieve designation as a Red Ribbon Congregation because we are active participants in positive actions to address the Global HIV/AIDS pandemic. The UU Global AIDS Coalition is the sponsoring body for Red Ribbon Congregations. The Red Ribbon Team is involved in education, advocacy, fundraising and partnering.Red-Ribbon-Congregation

Lyle S. is our contact person for the UU Global AIDS Coalition and information on the World AIDS Day Commemoration Ceremony held December 1 of each year.

Education and Advocacy

We have presented the following videos:

  • A Closer Walk
  • My Brothers Keepers
  • The Hunger Project
  • Stephen Lewis videos

We encourage you to join to simplify the process of making your views known to government representatives and visit the website for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, a group dedicated to mobilizing the political will and financial AIDS crisis and reducing its impact on the countries hardest hit by the AIDS pandemic.

Fundraising and Fun Runs

The TeachAIDS organization, which provides culturally appropriate free life-saving educational products to those who need them most, was a "Change for the World" recipient. 

UUCV also supports AIDS awareness with activities such as book sales, proceeds from two "Soup Sundays" each year, and member participation in the Lyle's Myles annual fun/walk/run each second Saturday of July and the Cascade Aids Walk each year. Lyles Myles raises about $3000 per year for for Martha's Pantry(50%), Cascade AIDS in Portland (10%) and Global Partners for Development (40%). *Click to register for this year's race on Saturday, July 8th. 

Look for opportunities to participate with us. Wear your red ribbon!