Church Governance & Administration

 DSC0362 e077aUU congregations are democratically and locally run. In this spirit, a Board of Trustees is elected to supervise all aspects of the organization. We abide by a constitution and set of bylaws. Committees & Teams collaborate with Staff to do the work of the church in planning and supporting our many volunteer-run programs.

The relationship between congregation and minister is a covenant freely chosen by both congregation and clergy. We are members of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the Pacific Northwest District (PNWD), which advise and assist us in carrying out the functions of the congregation.

If you have a question or issue related to governance or administration, contact the 2017-2018 Board of Trustees.

The Board has led two major initiatives in recent years:  in 2012 a Site Development review including a charrette that engaged our members in dreaming, and a Convergence Cafe with extensive follow-up recommendations to the Board.  

Currently. we are excited about the arrival of our newly settled minister, the Rev. Kathryn Bert.  


Two Standing Committees are:

  • The Leadership Discovery and Development Committee (LDDC), formerly the Nominating Committee, which cultivates, nurtures and selects nominees for the Board of Trustees, the Endowment Board of Trustees and the LDDC.

  • The Committee on Ministry, which monitors church ministries.

UUCV Bylaws

UUCV Privacy Policy

UUCV Safety Handbook


A Story of Two Trees

For some time, multiple months, there has been talk of the fate of two large pine trees positioned on our property. These trees have long provided shade, large pine cones, and ample needles for generations. They were donated to UUCV by Joe and Arlene Dwyer in 1968 and stood beside the RE building (between the RE building and the current upper parking lot) since then.  

As with all life, trees also die and these particular trees were nearing that time. Since  danger with falling or splintering trees is significant, especially as close to the RE building as these trees were, the prudent thing to do is to remove them professionally. UUCV did seek the advice of the city arborist as well as other professionals over the summer.

Now, if we knew about it for so long, why did no one tell the congregation until less than 24 hours before it happened? Well, it turns out (as is so often the case) that human error is to blame.  Put simply, we thought we had more time. We wanted to have the written report from the city arborist in hand before we notified the congregation, so we waited on the report. But, it turns out, the removal was scheduled for about two weeks earlier than we had written in our mental calendars. So it snuck up on us.

 We do apologize for the short notice. It was our strong intention to give everyone ample notice of this change. We anticipate strong feelings surrounding this change in our grounds and had planned to provide the space and time for healing thoughts to prevail. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Please know that we are also frustrated with the course of events. It was our goof and we really are sorry.

 We honor these two trees and the role they played in UUCV's life. We remember their donors (thank you Arlene and Joe!), we recall the generations that have passed beneath them, and we thank them for contributing to our grounds for nearly fifty years.