Office Hours

Daffodil0During the program year, at least one staff member is scheduled to be at UUCV

 Tuesday:  12–5p
 Wednesday:  12–4p
 Thursday:  12–5p
 Friday:  11a–2p
Sunday:  8:30a–1p

If you find building doors locked, you may need to knock on the doors of both buildings to find someone. Staff may be offsite for various reasons, so calling in advance is the best way to ensure someone will be on site.
Main Office: 360-695-1891   

Staff schedules:

Minister — Rev. Kathryn Bert
Minister's office: 360-695-1574
Tuesday 1:30—4:30pm
Wednesday 1:00--4:00 pm
Thursday 1:00—5:00pm

Director of Lifelong Learning — Amy Brock
Cell: 706-201-6129
Thursday 1:00—4:00pm

Sunday 8:30—1:30pm
By appointment M to F

Music Director — Patrick Scofield
Cell: 503-544-6629
By appointment

Office Administrator — Donna Aase
UUCV office: 360-695-1891
Tuesday & Thursday 12:00—5:00 pm
Wednesday 12:30—3:30
(plus three flex hours)

Office Assistant — Danielle Ebert
UUCV office: 360-695-1891
Tuesday to Thursday 12:00—4:00p
Friday 11:00 am—2:00p