New to UU?

tumblr ncocc2FtkK1rsthlvo1 500Welcome! Whether you come to us from another faith tradition, no faith tradition at all, or out of sheer curiosity, we're glad you found us and hope you'll allow us the honor of greeting you in person some Sunday soon. 

What is Unitarian Universalism?

We are a covenantal religious community based on the search for truth and meaning, learning to live with depth and integrity, and growing big hearts. We have reverence for the interdependence of life and the mystery of existence. We engage the world with justice and compassion.

Whether exploring cosmic questions, wrestling with ethical concerns, or coping with life's challenges, our benchmarks are authenticity and valuing diverse perspectives, rather than fixed creeds or reliance on scriptures. 

For inspiration, we look to varied religious sources, science and the arts, as well as our own direct experience. We balance reverence and seriousness with a healthy sense of humor, even about ourselves. The experience of genuine community immeasurably enriches our lives. 

One of our members has written an excellent op-ed piece describing our faith, which you might find interesting. It's called, "A Liberal Religious Alternative" 

Is it New?

No. Our two branches, Unitarianism and Universalism, arose from the same progressive liberal spirit which gave birth to modern democracy in America. In fact, many of America's "Founding Fathers" were Unitarian or Universalist. The Universalists incorporated in 1790, Unitarians in 1825. The two groups joined in 1961.

Is Unitarian Universalism for You?ChildWProject

  • If you seek religious depth without dogma or creedal requirements...
  • If you seek a church where the perennial questions of the human spirit are addressed with an open mind and open heart...
  • If you seek a place to raise your children with the feeling they live in a wondrous world for which they share responsibility...
  • If you seek a community whose members are actively engaged in environmental and social justice issues locally and globally...

... then you may find just the spiritual and philosophical home you seek at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver. We are a friendly bunch and look forward to welcoming you.


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