What to expect on Sunday

Our Sunday Worship Services

As a growing congregation, we hold two services each Sunday morning from September to mid-June. The first service is 9:30-10:35, and the second is 11:15-12:25. The services are nearly identical. Each has the same sermon/message and order of service, except that the second service is slightly longer to allow for the departure of the children.
During the summer months, there is a single service at 10:30.
After each service we enjoy Social Time, with refreshments and conversation.  Read more about our Sunday worship services.

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VISITORS TABLE. As you enter the building you will see our Visitors Table staffed by friendly Greeters who will help orient you to our space and what will be happening in the service that day. You will have an opportunity to sign up to receive our Weekly Bulletin. Near the table you will find a brochure rack full of literature designed particularly for those new to Unitarian Universalism or to our church. Feel free to take any that interest you; there is no charge.

NAME TAGS. The Greeters will invite you to make a name tag. It is our custom to wear name tags to help us learn each other's names, and to avoid embarrassment when we forget names! When you no longer consider yourself a "visitor,"  we invite you to sign-up for a permanent name tag.  Look on the credenza under the name tag rack for the list.

INTRODUCTION OF VISITORS: During the worship service, we frequently invite visitors to make themselves known.  There is certainly no pressure to do so, but we enjoy welcoming and getting to know those who are new to the church.

WHAT TO WEAR. Our Sunday morning dress ranges from casual to somewhat dressed up.

Jeans, shorts, sandals, and flip flops are totally fine, as are suits and dresses. Wear what feels right for you.

If this is your first visit, we encourage you to try and arrive 15 minutes before the start of service to allow time for you and your children to get oriented. You can read more about our Religious Education program for children and what to expect on your first visit with children.

The Nursery (located across the hall from the sanctuary) opens for children age three and under approximately 15 minutes before the service starts.  Most Sundays, children preschool through 6th grade start in the sanctuary with their parents and depart for their groups after about fifteen minutes. Our 7th-12th youth typically go straight to their class, which begins at 11:15.

At the 9:30 service we offer nursery and preschool care only.