Worship & Music

clalice on wall

The verb worship means to shape worth. The meanings of worth suggest the purpose of worshipping: to come to be equal to, or to turn toward, the highest or best values. To worship is to give useful, instructive shape to those often abstract values, to symbolize or articulate them in memorable and helpful ways. We create, and we cut back, the words and symbols we use in worship according to their usefulness. They are never fixed, but do endure as long as they serve the purpose of showing us the good we strive toward (or of binding a worshipping community together).

~Rev. Paul R. Beedle, UU Minister, Stafford, TX 

Worship doesn't serve a single, static purpose at UUCV; rather, we gather for a multitude of reasons and needs. Whether it's on Sunday morning in a sanctuary or in a small group in someone's home, our people arrive for worship for many reasons: they long to be inspired, comforted, changed, opened, challenged, loved, forgiven, lifted up, seen, connected, or filled with wonder (among other needs).

By weaving together different components, our worship service serves the whole — the common good — and offers a shared emotional experience. Each worship component has its own relational purpose: a particular reason for connecting us to one another and That Which Is Larger Than Us.

Integral to our idea of worship is music. Our music program contains the following goals:

  • Enhance the worship service
  • Encourage and foster in-house talent
  • Reach out to the wider community

To find more about our practice of worship and the uses to which we put music, use the menu items under Worship & Music above or consult the menu entries on the left side of the screen.